The one and only, BUSTER!

How can anyone resist this smoochable face? Turns out, he can't! When he's at a show where the dividers are metal-HE KISSES HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR!

Turning 9 on May 20 2018. Not for sale!


                                                                                         SALES POLICY

Here are some important things to know if you are considering a Holland Lop from us:

  • Only the best quality rabbits are bred. Checked for health and temperment, we want you to have the very best whether you are looking for a show bun or a pet.
  • We do not breed for color. Type is the first, color is a bonus. 
  • We understand if you are showing that bunz get moved on to others. We require getting first right of refusal. If you are not sure what that is, ASK!
  • We do not sell to outdoor facilities. Period. Been through too much heartache from people that thought they were animal proofed and it just isn't fair to the bun.
  • If you are getting a pet bun, we do not want to see said bun re-homed over and over again. If you are not looking to keep a bun for a minimum of 8 years, please don't get one. This includes life happening such as new babies, new dogs or cats, moving, and wanting to replace your bunny for something else.  With that said, we do understand some things are inevitable and are more than understanding if you need us to take bunny back. Allergies develop (please check before you get one), people lose their jobs, death of a family member...We get it. And we will gladly take them back.
  • Payment:
    • PAYPAL: love it, of course. If at all possible, please send as friends and family or add the 3% we're charged. The buyer protection will not cover animals according to paypals policies and it just takes money away from our rabbits. Your personal credit card that you use to paypal with may cover animals though! Email address to use for payment is cdawgshollands@gmail.com
    • Venmo: @Jessica-Elrod-2
    • NOTE-if you pay with checking (paypal)and it takes days to clear, we will not let go of the animal until it has cleared. You can avoid that by using your balance or credit card for sure. 
  • DO NOT CONTACT US IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 without your parents persmission. It will be the first thing I ask from now on. I cannot go over numerous rabbits only to be told days later that you need to check with your parents! 
  •  We have facebook also @HollandsandHedgies and it's a lot easier to keep updated, so you'll find more current info there: 
  • If you are not completely satisfied with your bunny for good reasons (we can't guarantee a show winner for example, but if your bunny has gotten aggressive and we've gone over options to help), please let us try to fix it!
  • WE cannot hold bunnies for an extended period of time. Sometimes it works out to be paid a deposit and hold that rabbit until it is ready to go, but not for weeks at a time. Please pay for the rabbit in full if you want us to hold for any extended amount of time. Thank you!

ARBA Member # ELROCA00 and ELROJE00

Living below the majestic Pikes Peak mountain, CDawg, AKA Carsen, has always had a passion for animals. His mother enjoys showing Hollands as much as (maybe even a little more) than him! Carsen starting going to shows with his mom in 2010 and starting showing in 2011 with his very first Holland, a broken blue tort named Buster. Buster didn't get a feel for showing until he was almost three years old and CDawgs mom kept asking him to show other bunnies, but CDawg would hear nothing of it. Good thing too! Once Buster finally came into his own, he started winning BOB (best of breed) and went on to Grand Champion AND win the Holland Lop Specialty show in 2014. Buster is truly the reason we show Hollands today. He's still with us and CDawg still shows him, even at 9 years old! He still managed a 2nd place at the last Pueblo Show in May 2015, and a leg in the beginning of 2016 so mom can't say anything!