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Pet quality only are noted as such. Prices are $40 (adults)-$75 and  do not come with pedigree. All bunz come with a bag of transition food. Show quality bunz price range is $75-$200 and do come with a 3 generation pedigree. Multiple and youth showing/4H discounts are given! Also, if you want a pet and are going to have it spayed or neutered, we will discount the price if you pick up at the vets after surgery.

Updated as of 7/14/2017

There is now a second for sale page!


Baby English Spots have arrived!

Grand Champion Chewbacca x Princess Leigh 

Spotted Black and  Solid Chocolate boys available.

No showable ones available at this time.

These are your jumping/agility bunnies and make great pets too! Larger breed weighing over 5lbs. $40- only 2 left! one of each color, both males. Reduced to $20!

Young black tort doe. had her leg broken in the nestbox :( Gets around fine, just slower than others. Would not recommend for a younger child (don't really recommend this breed for younger children, but there are exceptions I know! $25 pet only. Would be a great match with the neutered buck also available.


We have many babies in the nestbox right now. Although we cannot gurantee the sex or color of what we will be letting go of (not staying for showing), we are taking lists of people interested and can update you as we make decisions.