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Sassy is a 2 year old proven show doe. $90. She has Laplops in her lines.

Last update 10/14/17

Please contact us to let us know what you are looking for. I still need to list a jr. black buck, a rescue with a broken and healed leg and a couple of others looking for homes now!


Doesn't this girl just crack you up? She makes me laugh with those ears sticking up! I don't know that they will ever come down, but she would make a wonderful pet! $60

I had a phone message about Sassy and it got deleted. I think the name was Kathleen and she was looking for a partner for her older holland whose partner passed away. Please contact me again!


I am ready to name him and keep him, so please adopt him soon! Showable black buck, 6 mos old. Out of a pointed white and a solid black. Great for adding to your sable point lines. Lines are our mostly ours. This guy is a chin cuddler! $65