AS many of you already understand, I breed for show animals and to better the breed. That's HOLLAND LOPS!!! I would like to continue showing nationally and eventually judge myself. I do not breed for pets, but absolutely, you are welcome to and I want you to take them on as pets and spoil them! The ones that do not make my show lines are the ones I appreciate your support in giving homes to or using in your lines or 4h, as pets, etc. Please do not contact me asking for a cheaper animal becuase you just want it as a pet. I do not breed for those reasons and therefore they are all the same here. The prices reflect quality from what I can tell as far as the age will tell me and covers my expenses such as the vet, vaccines, barn rent, etc. etc. etc. They are expensive! So if you are getting a baby, there is no guarantee to quality due to age, but yes they are more expensive because they are in higher demand and I rarely let them go at young ages (examples would be DQ markings or too many bucks in the litter and there's only so much room in a rabbitry for bucks).

WAIT LISTS were a complete waste of time. But then I felt bad posting a free for all and it was too bad to anyone that who didn't happen to catch the post (I update on Facebook @HollandsandHedgies first).Here is what I came up with: $25 non-refundable deposit puts you in chronological line to be shown the next one available before it gets posted. This will go towards the total , of course, and can go towards a different one if you don't want the one shown to you. You may also change your mind if another one gets posted that you like better and haven't already picked your up-no probelm! I cannot guarantee when the next one will become availableas I have to evaluate them for my own purposes. So if you are looking for a birthday present or need one by a certain date for fair, this may not be a good option for you. Also, something that can come up is the dreaded Fuzzy Fariy. Basically, both parents can carry a long-haired gene and express it in some of the litter. I do not breed for fuzzies and eliminate them from my lines when I know I have them. So if you have one picked out and around 5/6 weeks old, it all of a sudden gets long hair, you will have the option of a refund or to pick another (please look up American Fuzzy Lops for more basics on their care). The bonus on the fuzzzies is they are only $100!

Color and sex preferences can be considered, but it may make the wait time longer. As long as you are just looking for a healthy animal and don't care about color or sex, this will work for you.

NONE of these animals are fixed unless otherwise stated. I am a breeder afterall :) I have recommendations on where to get your bunny fixed (locally and in Denver too) if they even need to be fixed and lots of recommendations if you are trying to not have them fixed but need help because they turned into a hormonal butthead-it happens. A lot of people understnadably want 2 rabbits as they are social. AWESOME! Just know you will need to get one fixed or get 2 females. 

None of these are litter box trained already. Too many to do now. Did it for years and can help, but please do not expect a rabbit to be a dog and never have an accident. You will be disappointed .Poops happen naturally as they are hind-gut fementers. So they hop=they poop! Yes, urine can be easy to potty train, but no guarantees!

You are welcome to come visit to make sure we are really here and not an internet scam! 

*I MEET AT BASS PRO 13012 BASS PRO DR. Colorado Springs, CO 80921*

This is for a meet-n-greet, no obligation! Please do not ask me to meet anywhere else unless you are purchasing multiple animals. I'm not a back-yard breeder trying desperately to place an animal. I pay $400 a month in rent for a barn and they are very well taken care of and can stay there or come home with me anytime! These are live-animals that I care deeply aboutand want to know they are going to good homes. So please tell me what your situation is when you contact me- is this for kids, what ages? Do yuo have a set up already and where is it?DO you have bunny experience or is this your first? Looking for a pet only or hoping to show/breed? The more you tell me, the better I can match you to the right bunny for life! 

The problem will of course be I have no idea which ones I will be letting go of, so if kiddos come to see adorable baby bunnies, PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT IS NOT THE RABBIT THEY ARE TAKING HOME! It's difficult on me to have disappointed kiddos due to miscommunications. I want to make everyone happy! 

Please be aware of the bunny virus running rampant in our state. BABIES CANNOT BE VACCINATED UNTIL 10 weeks!

TEXT only 719-661-4011 or email