Deposits Page 2:

Baby bunnies cannot be vaccinated until 10 weeks old. Please understand this is so important to not spread the virus and more importantly so you don't lose your bunny to it! My entire barn has been vaccinated.

I also do not sell to outdoor homes. Hollands are just too small to be housed outside in Colorado. Too many predators, accidents and parasiteshave taken their lives. 

Many people get Holland Lops, the smallest of the lop eared rabbits, confused with mini-lops. Hollands are smaller than mini's. Confusing, I know. 

As for my livestock, I am the breeder for many generations back unless otherwise noted (it is necessary to bring unrelated stock in too, obviously). I do not buy from other breeders and " flip". The picture you see is the actual animal up for discussion. This is a registered ARBA rabbitry. I belong to many clubs such as Hollands and Friends and keep up on current events and reading materials. Shows when I can!!! 

Updated deposit list will be at the bottom of the pinned post on the Facebook page @HollandsandHedgies

I will update the deposit list with initals only swo you will know where you are in line.

If you have a deposit on a specific litter, this does not apply to you.

If you don't want to do a deposit, that's ok too. I will still post what is available!

Absolutely no holds over 24 hours withut a deposit. However, the deposit is completely refundable if the bunny isn't a perfect match!

If you need me to hold onto a rabbit that is ready to go for longer than a week, it must be paid for in FULL and we must go over those details before. I understand vacations and timing, no problem. But I may not have the room, so we need to discuss it beofrehand, please! 

Prices vary heavily from babies to adults. $75-$200 is a good average range, but this does not mean I am stuck to these set prices. Prices are higher than normal right now due to the costly, but very necessary, RHDV

 vaccination still being importedfrom Europe.

Multiple discounts are given after the purchase of 3.

I can take PayPal : 

please include the 3% fee or pay with friends and family

Venmo: @Jessica-Elrod-2

Once you have placed a deposit, please text me at 719-661-4011 to let me know!