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Contact by text at 719-661-4011 or feel free to email:

(they both arrive to my phone)


We are almost always available to answer your questions whether you have already purchased a bunny from us or are looking to do so. Please either e-mail or text for the quickest response. We will always honor the first person in line for a bunny but we absolutely cannot hold anything without a 25% nonrefundable deposit. We are happy to give first right of refusal (we will contact you first to see if you want to pass or purchase) if you are just interested in a certain bunny.

Reasons for a refund to be given:

1. We do the best to sex our bunz correctly, but mistakes happen! We will gladly refund your deposit if we made a mistake or replace your bunny with another if you already own it.

2. If said bunny is not looking 100% healthy, we will refund your deposit or transfer it to another bunny of your choice if that is what you want.

Pay with Paypal Here  ?

  • If you are not a user of Paypal, I can personally recommend them after 15 years!
  • Please indicate in comments of deposit which Holland you want.
  • Make sure to read our sales policy above and if you missed it on the Home page, then please read the Important things to know below before sending money!

Here are some important things to know if you are considering a Holland Lop from us:

  • Only the best quality rabbits are bred. Checked for health and temperament, we want you to have the very best whether you are looking for a show bun or a pet.
  • We do not breed for color. Type is the first, color is a bonus.
  • We understand if you are showing that bunz get moved on to others. We would require first right of refusal.
  • If you are getting a pet bun, we do not want to see said bun re-homed over and over again. If you are not looking to keep a bun for a minimum of 8 years, please don't get one. This includes life happening such as new babies, new dogs or cats, moving, and wanting to replace your bunny for something else.  With that said, we do understand some things are inevitable and are more than understanding if you need us to take bunny back. Allergies develop (please check before you get one), people lose their jobs, death of a family member...We get it.
  • And lastly, if you are not completely satisfied with your bunny for good reasons (we can't guarantee a show winner for example, but if your bunny has gotten aggressive and we've gone over options to help), please let us try to fix it!

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