CONTACT C Dawgs Hollands

Facebook page @HollandsandHedgies

Contact by text at 719-661-4011 or feel free to email:

(they both arrive to my phone)


We are almost always available to answer your questions whether you have already purchased a bunny from us or are looking to do so. Please either e-mail or text for the quickest response. We will always honor the first person in line for a bunny but we absolutely cannot hold anything without a small nonrefundable deposit. We are happy to give first right of refusal (we will contact you first to see if you want to pass or purchase) if you are just interested in a certain bunny.

Reasons for a refund to be given:

1. We do the best to sex our bunz correctly, but mistakes happen! We will gladly refund your deposit if we made a mistake or replace your bunny with another if you already own it.

2. If said bunny is not looking 100% healthy, we will refund your deposit or transfer it to another bunny of your choice if that is what you want.

Paying with Paypal Here  ?

  • If you are not a user of Paypal, I can personally recommend them after 15 years!
  • Please include the 3% fee if you are paying using the purchase option
  • Please indicate in comments of deposit which Holland you want.
  • Make sure to read our sales policy above and if you missed it on the Home page, then please read the Important things to know below before sending money!

STOP! Please read over the sales policy on the home page and kindly stop e-mailing "do you have any bunnies available?" I simply will not answer anymore. If you can't see the for sale pages here or on our facebook page, of course let us know :)

Thank you for your understanding. 

Other accepted payment methods:

Venmo: @Jessica-Elrod-2

Cash App: $critter1424

We cannot realease an animal until funds have cleared. Paypal in particular takes a couple of days to clear if you are using your checking account. You can avoid this by either using your balance or paying with credit card.