Age can show, how shows work, what to expect...maybe send to ARBA link.

Why showing is important and also FUN!

There is absolutely no reason, anytime ever, that an animal should be bred other than to improve that animal breed. While we understand how many rabbits there are in the rescue world and we do our best to help them too, we have a different purpose. Every one of the rabbits we breed would be welcome to spend his/her entire life in our care. We will not ever turn away a rabbit that was bred by us as that is our responsibility. With that said, showing has a purpose as well. Every breeder is morally obligated to be breeding for the betterment of the breed. This means constantly improving the quality of what you have. For youth handlers, shows teach how to properly handle rabbits. The bunz have to be in tiptop shape so the animal will need to prove that it has been regularly groomed and in good health by its overall appearance. Shows are also an awesome way to meet new friends and hang out while waiting for other breeds to be judged. For the rabbits, shows provide an opportunity to socialize much like taking your dog to the dog park. For my mom, she enjoys the quality time we get to spend together driving to the shows. And for the sake of both owner and bunny, shows allow an outlet for education! People share what products work for them whether necessary or for fun. CDawg and his mom truly look forward to the shows!

This is CDawg a few years back with Buster the very first time Buster won 1st place in his class. Although he's still spoiled CDawg even used to read to his buddy back in those days. Now when we head to a show, he always makes sure Buster is sitting next to him on the car ride there ?

*Youth handlers are allowed to show their rabbits between the ages of 5 all the way to the last day they are 18 years old.

This is Buster being judged. If you are interested in getting more information on showing, please attend one of the shows listed below and we would be happy to share any information with you to get you started. I was going to put an article in here giving a synopsis of what happens at a show and what to expect, but honestly, I just googled "what to expect at a rabbit show" and thought, why reinvent the wheel? There are plenty of great tips and articles out there already!

Shows we are planning on attending:

Here are the links to the shows we attend. Hope to see you there!

Spending the day with friends!
Marlo (in the middle winning Best of Show with her cavy!)is a fellow bunny enthusiast and her son Drake is about CDawgs age. So we all have a great time catching up and supporting each other when it comes to show time!

November 12, 2016 Castle Rock, CO

             You never know what might happen on the way to a bunny show!

Here is a great adventure that took place while on the way to a bunny show! CDawg and his mom were headed to the Cheyenne, Wyoming show in 2015 and decided a great way to break up the long drive would be to visit Aunt Lauren in Boulder along the way. Mom arranged it with friend Marlo to drop off the bunnies at her barn overnight to be able to pick back up on the way to the show in the morning. After dropping off, this is what we saw on the dark sec secluded road.

Look really close at the right hand side of the road in the ditch, before the grass starts. At first, mom thougt it was a duck the way it waddled as we passed by. Then she stopped the car and turned around because that just didn't make sense. Now, this is 11:30 at night in what we city folk consider the middle of nowhere. So this was a little scary! We get out of the car. We're getting closer and closer and lo and behold! It's a baby owl! Now mom does know better than to mess with wildlife, however, there were a couple of indications that this fledgling was injured. We hopped back into our car and headed back to the barn to double up some bunnies freeing up a cage figuring if the owl was no longer in sight by the time we got back then he didn't need our help. He had moved, but not far and still only waddling along, never attempting to fly or even spread his wings (and also not showing any fear of us humans). Mom put him in the cage and we brought him to Aunt Lauren's with information on the Birds of Prey Rescue to drop him of at the next day. She was a very good, understanding Auntie  and our majestic Great Horned Owl  is still at the rehab center with a fractured wing tip. And there you have it. You just never know what can happen on the way to or from a bunny show!