This is a closed facility

We have a great many reasons to be a closed facility, meaning no visitors. Although we take pictures and have bunnies at the house often, we do not allow people at our house for safety reasons. As far as the barn goes, it is rented at another facility and not easily accessible. But don't despair! We will be more than happy to actually meet you with the bunnies you are interested in and even bring the parents if you are wanting to check the quality of our animals. In fact, we encourage it! We can go over faults and good points on the family. The only time this wouldn't be possible would be if the mama is on a litter. If that is the case, I will do my best with pictures.

There is a couple of options on meeting. The best place for us is BareFoot Park off Roller Coaster and Northgate in Colorado Springs. We are also close enough to Castle Rock that for a little gas money, we are willing to meet off Plum Creek anytime. We also have family in the southern part of Denver that we visit, so we could keep communication on when we think we would be visiting next. We live close enough to the 1-25 exit to Northgate Blvd (exit 156A) that we can meet at the well known Bass Pro Shop. Also, we can bring your new bunny to any of the shows listed below that we attend.
If you are still unsure and would like a recommendation, I can give you e-mail to four other fellow rabbit show people and also my vet, Dr. Melanie Marsden.

Where you can pick up bunny


Septmeber 23 Pueblo, CO

 November  Castle Rock, CO

For more information about shows that we are attending or for a complete list of ARBA sanctioned shows, please click on the links below:

Future Shows we plan on attending

Roller Coaster Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

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